About Us

Euro-African Foundation (former Harambi Foundation) was established in 2005 as an initiative of Sudanese Citizens living in Poland and with the support of Poles interested in development cooperation.

The objectives of Euro-African Foundation are:

  • to work for development and development co-operation in Africa;
  • to promote and protect freedom and human rights, civic liberties as well as activities supporting development of democracy and civil society in Africa;
  • to carry out activities supporting economic development, including promotion of market economy and entrepreneurship;
  • to carry out activities in support of social integration and development of linkages and cooperation among different communities and social groups;
  • to carry out activities in the field of education, in particular topics related to democracy, human rights, social issues and economic problems;
  • to promote and protect women’s rights and act in support of gender equality.


Our Values:

  • Local communities are rich grounds for development,
  • Development will occur and advance the quality of human life when based on free and fare trade and on full participation of communities,
  • Euro-African cooperation and integration can have a tremendous impact on development in both African and European communities,
  • Education and new technologies are key in any development in the twenty first century.