Euro-African Foundation is conducting its activities through different units and projects/programs, which cover its three factors of its main field of interests:

  • The democracy & local democracy Institute:
    This institute aims to study the crisis of deliberative institutions in the Sudan and their eventual role and capacity to sustain sustainable democratic order in this country.
    In order to examine the efficacy of these institutions, the project programs will study their organizational structures and procedures. The project would target not only on legislative and executive bodies, but also will examine independent institutions such as political parties, trade unions, civic, business, cultural, religious, social and professional associations.
    Another field for study is local democracy, its historical roots in the Sudan and Africa, and the new aspects of its maintenance in the present and future reality of the Sudan and Africa, as well as its role and impact on building the democratic system of governance.
  • The Peace and Reconciliation Centre
    The Peace and Reconciliation Centre aims to assist in the process of building and strengthening comprehensive Peace in different African countries, to end civil wars and armed conflicts which destroyed the continent for decades.
    The Centre would advocate for the peace settlements, and will educate in order to spread Peace Culture and Social Integration between African citizens.
    The Centre would organize training and study visits to Poland and other countries which transformed from civil war or dictatorship to democracy and free market economies.
  • The Rehabilitation Centre:
    The RC would also work and advocate for physical, psychological and material rehabilitation of citizen affected by the civil wars and other conflicts in Africa, as well as working for developments and rebuilding of regions extremely devastated by the war activities.
  •  Entrepreneurship & Free market economy:
    The Institute of entrepreneurship & free market economy is aimed to provide theoretical and practical and studies on Sudanese economics, and to work the best solutions for reformation these economics in the direction of free market economy and support of entrepreneurship.
    The institute will deliver its services to business organizations and local authorities, as well it will support organizing and building think tanks for liberal and pro-market parties and organizations. Special attention in the institute work will concentrate on the needs of small and medium Enterprises (SME), as well as micro-finance sector, by supporting small-scale enterprises initiatives and micro-finance projects, especially those initiated and provided by women and citizens and groups from the countryside.
  •  Small Income projects:
    Euro-African Foundation is launching now in Sudan in co-operation with the Women’s Multi-Purpose Cooperative Union in Khartoum State, Sudan small income-generating projects, and would mobilize substantial intrinsic financial and material resources through self-support efforts from national and international resources, Euro-African Foundation supporter’s subscriptions, and donations of friends, the new challenges and obligations drew heavily on our nowadays limited resources. Assistance is needed to cope with this new situation.
  • Center for Women & Youth Empowerment:
    The Center for Women and Youth Empowerment is an educational, training and advocating centre, to assist women and youth advancement and empowerment, especially in rural areas and country side. The centre will be active in re-production health as well as reforming Family laws reforms in Sudan Africa as well as creating g programs to engage youth in the process of economic and social changes. .
  • Leadership Training Unit (The leadership Academy):
    The main objective of Euro-African Foundation Leadership Training Unit (The Leadership Academy) is to consolidate and strengthen the skills and managerial capabilities of political and civil organizations leaders and members in Africa for effective and efficient participation.
    Euro-African Foundation LTU lays emphasis on training of executive officers, young political activists, and women organizations leaders, trainers of trainers, project managers, and health and humanitarian personnel.
  • The Euro-African  “Research” Institute:
    This Research Institute would assist all other units and projects in the field of Research work. It will mainly concentrate on providing informative and scientific researches, as well as publishing informative books, papers, manuals and other materials produced for different Euro-African  institutes, units and partners.
  • Support and Networking Unit:
    Euro-African Foundation is working as a supporting and facilitating organization for various local Sudanese and African Nongovernmental organizations and political associations. We support these organization by providing training, limited financial support, as well as assisting them to gain grants and finance their projects and programs. Euro-African Foundation is also active in the field of Networking different Sudanese and African oriented associations and organizations, in order to accelerate their work and co-ordinate their activities.