Euro-African Foundation is conducting its activities through different units and projects/programs, the most recent ones include:

  • Polish-Sudanese relations:
    The Euro-African Foundation in collaboration with the Committee in Support of Sudanese Revolution in Poland prepared some supporting documents for the Sudanese Gov. Delegation visiting Warsaw, in order to enhance Polish-Sudanese relations. The meetings took place on the 26th and 27th of February 2020.
  • Afrykamera 2019:
    The annual African Film Festival took place in Warsaw on the 12th-19th of December 2019. Euro-African Foundation helped organizing as well as hosted a dinner in the honor of the Sudanese Director Hagoog Kuka, who was a special guest at the African Film Festival.
  • Path to Peace:
    Adil Abdel Aati, member of Euro-African Foundation council talked today about Sudan, South Sudan and Africa path to peace, afer prayer for Peace in South Sudan organized by St. Egidio community in Warsaw.
  • Nubian Bishops Graves in Warsaw:                                                                          EAF organized a prayer on November 1st, a holiday in Poland called All Saints’ Day (Wszystkich Swietych), for the Nubian Bishops burried in the “Priestly Grave” in Brondo Cemetery. Together, Sudanese citizens, African friends and sincere Poles prayed in honor of the African Bishops, with colorful flowers and lit candles surrounding “Priestly Grave”.
  • Support and Networking:
    Euro-African Foundation is working as a supporting and facilitating organization for various local Sudanese and African Nongovernmental organizations and political associations. We support these organization by providing training, limited financial support, as well as assisting them to gain grants and finance their projects and programs. Euro-African Foundation is also active in the field of Networking different Sudanese and African oriented associations and organizations, in order to accelerate their work and co-ordinate their activities.

Upcoming projects
Euro-African Foundation is working on several projects, some of them are:

  • Midwives in Sudan:
    EAF in co-operation with the Women’s Multi-Purpose Cooperative Union in Khartoum State, is working on reducing infant and mother mortality in Sudan by supporting midwives who have an essential role in helping and saving women in childbirth. 
  • Leadership Training Unit (The leadership Academy):
    The main objective of Euro-African Foundation Leadership Training Unit (The Leadership Academy) is to consolidate and strengthen the skills and managerial capabilities of political and civil organizations leaders and members in Africa for effective and efficient participation. Euro-African Foundation emphasizes the  importance of training of executive officers, young political activists, and women organizations leaders, training of trainers, project managers, and health and humanitarian personnel.
  • Schools in South Sudan:
    EAF is working on projects to supply schools in Juba, South Sudan, with computer and science labs for the education of 3000 students and the support of 100 teachers.