Martin Bol Deng Aleu

Martin Bol Deng Aleu, Vice Chairman of the Board

Martin  was born on 25 the of July  1968 in southern Sudan in Aweil province ( Bahr El Ghazal State ) in a family of intellectuals. During high school in (1986) Martin started working officially in administration as Administrative Dominant , Teacher & Commissary Stocker, in the  Department of Elementary Education, Omdurman Province – Sudan. From November 1987 Martin began his  studies at the Omdurman University – Faculty of Economic And Administratıve Sciences , Studies were interrupted in 1989 due to conscription.

Martin left Sudan after the Coup d’Etat on 30th June 1989 after he had been arrested and tortured. He traveled to different hostile countries (friends of the regime of Sudan) till he arrived to Poland at   1992. He continued his interrupted  studies in Poland and Internationally, till he got his Master degree of Art in International Relations (MA) at the Kingsbridge University – USA.

Martin worked in different positions and jobs in Sudan, Poland and UK, including running his own business. He was very active in NGOs and Civil society organisations, including Aidpreneur, IHRW, AMAJ, FTK, OSSC, etc. He also joined different professional associations, including IAO, ISCP, PCPC etc.

Due to his high qualifications and social engagement, the Council of Harambi Foundation appointed Martin as member and Vice-President of the he Board in 2016.

Martin speaks the following languages: Polish, English, Arabic, Dinka. He is married and father of four, two sons and two daughters .


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