Nagmeldin Karamalla-Gaiballa

Nagmeldin Karamalla-Gaiballa,

Chairman of  Euro-African Foundation Council 


Tel. Nr : +48 662210741



Dr. Nagmeldin Karamalla-Gaiballa is a Polish political scientist of Sudanese origin, also an economist, poet, writer and Social – cultural activist.  Dr. Karamalla obtained his PhD in the field of Social Science,  from the Institute of Political Science and European Studies, University of Szczecin. He received his Master’s degree in Economics  from Wroclaw University of Economics. Dr. Karamalla leads an active social and cultural life. He participated in organizing cultural events, held a series of meetings with children and school youth,  and  gave many press, radio and television interviews regarding both his activity in Poland and the situation in the country from which he came.

Dr.Nagmeldin Karamalla  is very active in the fields of Civil Society and NGOs Activities. He is a member of  the Advocacy Committee of the African Community in Poland, the Board of Polish-Sudanese Association “Nile-Vistula”, and a member of the Polish Political Science Association. Dr. Karamalla is also the Chairman of the Committee of  Euro-African Foundation (formerly Harambi Foundation),  and  Southern Connect Foundation.

Dr. Nagmeldin Karamalla authored many articles in the fields of economics and computer sciences. He also creates poetry. In 2004 he published his debut collection of poetry entitled “Masarib ar-Rahil”. Six years later, a Polish translation have been published. He is the author of the book “Sudan: Conflict in Darfur (2003-2011)”, published in 2017.


  • PhD degree at UNIVERSITY OF SZCZECIN, Institute of Political Science and European Studies.
  • Master’s degree (MA) in Finance and Banking from WROCLAW UNIVERSITY OF ECONOMICS, faculty of national economy, Poland, 1990- 1995.


  • A thorough course in PHP, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, Warsaw Poland, 2013.
  • Certificate in International Players in Public Finance and Debt Management, UNITED NATIONS INSTITUTE FOR TRAINING AND RESEARCH (UNITAR), Geneva, Switzerland, 2012.
  • Certificate in Capital Market Development and Regulation from UNITED NATIONS INSTITUTE FOR TRAINING AND RESEARCH, Geneva, Switzerland, 2006.
  • Certificate in Effective Communication and Sales in the use of Neuro-Linguistic Programming by CENTRUM NPL PIOTER KOTUSKI, Warsaw, Poland, 2002.


  • “The European Union role in resolving the armed conflict in the western Sudanese province of Darfur”, International Journal of Sudan Research (IJSR), WASD.2014.
  • [The genesis of the conflict and armed movements in Darfur] org. Pl.”Geneza konfliktu i ruchówzbrojnych w Darfurze“, praca zbiorowa ” Bilad as-Sudan – kultury i migracje”Międzynarodowe Centrum Dialogu Międzyreligijnego i Międzykulturowego UKSW Warsaw, 2013.
  • [DARFUR- Glance on historical and social problems of the availability of natural resources, socio-ethnic structure]org. Pl. “DARFUR Spojrzenie historyczne i społeczne, problemy dostępności zasobów naturalnych, struktura społeczno-etniczna”, Polskie Towarzystwo Afrykanistyczne, Międzynarodowe Centrum Dialogu Międzyreligijnego i Międzykulturowego UKSW Warsaw 2012.


  • Current Security challenges from the perspective of the United States, Russia and China, The National Defense Academy, 2013, Warsaw, Poland.
  • Economic Forum Poland- Central Europe- China,The Polish Information And Foreign Investment, 2012 Warsaw, Poland.
  • International Framework for Nuclear Energy Cooperation, Executive committee meeting, 2011, Warsaw, Poland
  • Conference Chairpersons for the defense of the Parliaments Of the Member States of the EU (CODACC), 2011 Warsaw, Poland.
  • The European Development Days(EDD) – the most important annual event associated with the development policy of the EU, 15-12.2011, Warsaw.
  • Conference on “General Elections and Referendum on Self-Determination: Are They Separable?” St Antony’s College, Oxford, United Kingdom, 10.2009r.
  • Darfur and Conflict Resolution in Sudan: Where Did it Go Wrong?”, St Antony’s College, Oxford, United Kingdom, 01.2009r.
  • Darfur in Comparative Perspective: Regime Crises, Ethnic Exclusion and Civil War in Africa, St Antony’s College, Oxford, United Kingdom, 11.2008r.
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